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English Press Kit

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Orlando Overview

Background, stats, facts and figures on Orlando.

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New and Upcoming in Orlando

Learn what's brand new and what's to come for the City Beautiful.



Want to know more about our world-famous attractions? Click here.

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Orlando visitors are truly spoiled for choice with more than 450 unique properties spanning luxury, themed hotels and some of the most kid-pleasing rooms in the world at every price point.

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When it's time to feed your appetite, Orlando has some of the top restaurants in all of Florida.

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Discover why shopping is the #1 activity next to theme parks for many Orlando visitors.

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Outdoor Adventure

Orlando offers the world’s best theme parks and so much more! Check out the many other outdoor activities to do in Orlando.

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Orlando is just as fun after dark as it is during the day.

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Orlando Like a Local

Home to unassuming eateries and stylish nighttime hot spots the “real” Orlando is full of personality and charm waiting to be discovered.

Ritz Spa


From soothing spa treatments to high-end hotels and VIP theme park experiences, Orlando offers the best in luxury travel experiences.


Get the Most Bang for your Buck

With a wide range of activities and attractions, Orlando has something for every budget.

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Orlando for Adults

Orlando's not just for families! Adults without children can enjoy Orlando like the locals, from the best restaurants, nightlife, entertainment and more.

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Orlando Unplugged

There’s nothing better than returning home from vacation feeling like you’ve had the opportunity to disconnect from everyday life. Learn the best ways to unplug in Orlando!

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Tips to Relax in Orlando

Maximize the benefits of vacation time by following these tips for a stress-free stay in Orlando.


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